Buzz-saw Blood House Poster

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Navigate past deadly traps and avoid the terrifying slasher as you escape Buzz-saw Blood House from Puppet ComboIn this sleazy PS1 styled low poly horror game that looks like something found on an unmarked VHS tape in the woods, young girls have been kidnapped and forced to make their way through a house full of traps for the sick viewer’s entertainment! With a slasher that would make Jason from the Friday the 13th series quake in his boots, and traps that feel right at home in SAW, can you lead these girls to safety before they get a chainsaw through the stomach?

Adorn your blood-soaked walls with a poster of one of your favorite survival horror games from the mind of VHS slasher horror developer Puppet Combo. The monster living inside your walls will like it too.

Poster Dimensions: 36 x 24