Disc Set Vol. 1
Disc Set Vol. 1

Disc Set Vol. 1

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Vol. 1 of Puppet Combo's CDROM releases!


“They locked him up and threw away the key!”

The retro survival horror classic Babysitter Bloodbath by Puppet Combo has been terrifying horror fans for years! Neokalus Burr has escaped the bowels of the Monroe State Mental Hospital, and now this slasher ripped straight from the classic VHS horrors of the past is coming to YOUR home, can you survive?! 


“Hide from the PSYCHOPATHIC nun at all costs!”

Investigating the whereabouts of your sick daughter has brought you to her seemingly abandoned boarding school, but there is another who lurks its halls... THE NUN! This First-Person PS1 styled survival horror game from Puppet Combo has frightened the minds of many fans with its unrelenting notorious slasher and gritty VHS visuals straight from a worn-out tape from the 1980’s. Do you have what it takes to find your daughter and solve the mystery, or will you just be another hapless victim of the Nun?



Bring all the horrors home with this physical disc from your favorite VHS slasher horror developer Puppet Combo, containing 5 PS1 styled low poly gorefest for you to devour! This sleek physical disc comes jam packed with games, trials and goodies:

        • Power Drill Massacre
        • Stay out of the House
        • Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa
        • Buzz-Saw Blood House
        • Texas Butcher
        • A reversible cover and a retro game influenced selection menu!
        • Horrifying artwork by Markus Bülow

NOTE: This disc runs on Windows PCs only. Unfortunately it will not work on PSX consoles because they're PC games.